I recently went to Perfectious Tatu by Cheryl to consult about having permanent make-up done and she was very professional and answered all of my questions and calmed my fears about tattooing my eyeliner. I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable she made me feel as well as how clean and steril her work place was. I was able to watch her pull everything out of brand new packages (if you have ever had any kind of tatooing done you know how important this is). I was treated like family and she is a truly wonderful person. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking permanent make-up whether it be eyeliner, eyebrows, or lips. Two thumbs up!!! 

I lost my hair at age 8 to allepesia. ,So this means i have no hair on my body.having my eyebrow done Has helped turn a blank face into a art by giving me my eyebrows.make me fill like I fit in.when i save some more money I look forward to having more work done Thank You for you do :)

I was tired of looking washed out and the only makeup I wore was lipstick. Could not get lip liner right... ever. So now, thanks to Cheryl of Perfectious Tatu, I have perfect liner and full lip color. The perfect color for me. The work was totally professional in a very pleasant atmosphere and the aftermath was exactly as explained. Within a couple of weeks, I had the perfect lips. I couldn't be happier. I highly recommend Cheryl and Perfectious Tatu! Quotes

I got permanet eyeliner on top from Cheryl the other day. I was pretty nervous about it, but Cheryl is very nice and professional and put me at ease (she's pretty funny too). She explains everything she's doing in full detail and the shop is very clean and sanitary. The whole procedure was completely painless (just a little awkward because your eye is vibrating) There was no swelling or bruising and I love it! Waking up in the mornings and not getting liquid eyeliner all over my face is wonderful! Also she was running a special for Cancer survivors. She's really amazing and sweet for doing that. At least one good thing came out of having cancer!

I have been thinking of permanent eyeliner for years and finally got up the courage to do it. Cheryl is wonderful, reassuring, and she calmed my nerves. My eyes now look alive, I am blonde and was washed out. I am 65 and feel like I am finally free to be seen in public without my makeup! Will go back next year - perhaps my eyebrows!! I can highly recommend this lady.

Had my eyebrows done today. I love, love ,love them. I was a bit anxious about the procedure but Cheryl explains everything in detail and it went wonderful. Going back soon to have eyeliner done. Fantastic job !!!

Just had my eyebrows done this past Saturday and I am loving them. My friends couldn't believe it of how natural they looked. Cheryl is such a nice person, very knowledgeable and explained everything to me. Nerves were gone within seconds of talking to her. Thinking about my eyeliner next. 

I have been wanting to do my brows for a very long time. My daughter and I saw Cheryl at the Key Lime Pie festival and she really impressed me as a complete professional. So I took the plunge and made an appointment. I am so glad I did! My brows AND bottom liner look fabulous! I would do it again in a heartbeat! Thank you so much Cheryl for such a nice job on my "makeup". 

I have always wanted permanent eyeliner and was referred to Cheryl through a friend who went to her for permanent makeup. Cheryl was very reassuring and explained everything so well. I can tell you that I love waking up every morning and not lining my eyes. It has made each day a bit easier. It's also so nice to not have to worry about my makeup running or being rubbed off. I highly recommend Cheryl. Her office is clean, bright and relaxing. I will be going back for more work to be done soon... That's how good she is! 

Been meaning to do this for years, and have been following Cheryl's reviews for years as well, but finally made up my mind to drive an hour and a half, so Cheryl could give me some permanent eyebrows and eyeliner....Well, let me just say that Cheryl is very professional, personable, knowledgeable, and SKILLED at what she does. She took the time to figure out with me which shape and color would fit my face and skin tone, then opened all supplies in front of me before the procedure, which was extremely important to me. And just in case you're wondering, no, it doesn't hurt. Would you believe me if I told you that the eyeliner actually tickled?? And Cheryl even called me the next day to check on me and make sure all was well, which it was. I'm still in the healing process, it's only been 4 days, but so far I have received many compliments. I would definitely recommend Cheryl to anyone wanting any type of permanent make-up procedure.

Wish I would have done this sooner...

I contacted Cheryl to have permanent eyeliner applied to my eyes. She promptly returned my call and answered all my questions about the process and expected outcome. She impressed me with her medical background and knowledge. I had permanent eyeliner applied to the top and bottoms of my eyes and could not be happier! I'm in my 50s and have thinning lashes and fair skin. She gave me a natural line that really defines my eyes and enhances them. Love them! 

A friend of mine whose makeup always looks perfect first thing in the morning, referred me to Cheryl! I have neuropathy and gave up putting eyeliner on my eyes a long time ago since my hands shake. WOW! There was absolutely NO PAIN since Cheryl numbed me so well beforehand! After perfect results, I made appointments to have my eyebrows AND my lips done! BEST thing I ever did for myself! I normally have a problem with cold sores, so I took a preventative medication similar to Lysine for a few days before/after the lip tatu and had no problem with cold sores, whatsoever! I had my lips lined and filled in with a beautiful shade of pink/peach which is what I normally wear. When I want to wear bright red, I just use lipstick. Otherwise clear lip gloss is all I need! Don't wait! Call Cheryl NOW for a beautiful new you! She ROCKS! 



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